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500Gallons has set out to answer one question - "How can we make it easy for small businesses, like restaurants, to become more Sustainable?"

Time, money, easy access to credible information & products are all barriers to adopting sustainability for the busy owner. We have built a product to address these barriers and make it super easy for restaurants to find and implement sustainable practices in their business.

These practices will contribute to their profitability by reducing cost, improving their Green brand and help them communicate these values to their customers.

The business environment today is dynamic. Customers are leveraging social media so they can be heard loud and clear. Increasingly they are also expecting businesses to be more environmentally conscious and sustainable in their practices. This sets up an opportunity to gain first movers advantage to businesses which will transform and communicate effectively to consumers. 500Gallons is the tool to help restaurants navigate through this new reality towards a more sustainable future. header

Why this name?

Almost everytime we talk with someone we are asked about our name: 500Gallons. The origin of the name came about when our founder Amber was talking to his friends and explaining how doing little things contribute a great deal towards sustainability. He gave the example of a faucet leaking only 10 drops a minute can waste nearly 400-500 gallons of water in a year. That encapsulates the essence of what we are about. We use our name 500Gallons as a reminder to ourselves and to everyone else that, quite literally, every little action can count towards a more sustainable planet and a smart business decision.

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Amber Sharma Sriram Kuchimanchi Shweta Khare
Amber Sharma

Amber has expertise and over 12 years of engineering and management experience in wet process development, high-tech equipment evaluation, cleaning technologies, chemicals and colloids. His experience also includes business development for an online bookkeeping software for small business.

Always a proponent of operational efficiency, he is driven by the opportunity to simplify the ‘transition to a sustainable operation’ for small businesses. He has taken his expertise and Presidio Graduate School’s executive sustainability management experience to develop an online platform to help small businesses make operational changes to become more sustainable and efficient.

Amber lives in San Jose, CA with his wife and two sons. Connect with Amber on Linkedin.

Sriram Kuchimanchi
Director, Product & Business Development

Passion about environment was not sufficient to make a significant impact for Sriram Kuchimanchi. A degree in Sustainability at Presidio Graduate School and a USGBC LEED GA certificate empowered him to make the shift into Sustainability. Importantly, he found a way to funnel his passion into business value.

In his previous life, he spent nearly a dozen years building solutions for the Telecom industry. That coincided with a tenure as the Fundraising Director of Association for India’s Development an NGO that believes in sustainable living built on the principle that problems in the world are interrelated and so should be the solutions.

His penchant to engage in long, at times meaningful conversations meant he was the best hand on deck to Business Development at 500Gallons. Connect with Sriram on LinkedIn.

Shweta Khare
Director, Content & Business Development

Growing up, Shweta’s favorite TV shows were The Lonely Planet, Secrets of the Sea and Cosmos. It’s no coincidence that her masters in Geophysics and over 7 years of technical and web writing experience is helping her in promoting mindfulness on environmental best practices.

Her keen passion for creativity and sustainability are the driving force behind the content research and development for 500Gallons.

Her mantra: "Awareness empowers, implementation enlightens - make sustainability your responsibility."

Shweta feels extremely proud of what has been accomplished - an intuitive tool that promotes sustainability for small businesses. Connect with Shweta on LinkedIn.