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500Gallons Product Tour
Identify Actions to Implement

A list of sustainable actions for your restaurant. From here you can:

  • Get comprehensive information on sustainability actions.
  • Bookmark or save actions to your My Actions list and revisit them to implement at your pace.
  • Calculate ROI to estimate your savings and payback period for various green actions.
All Actions
Recommendations for your Operation

We understand each restaurant and its operations are unique. Get recommended actions based on your operation and needs. This will help you to implement actions that impact your:

  • Energy (Gas and Electric) bills
  • Water bills
  • Waste bills
  • Material/Supplies consumption
Find out if it makes Business Sense
Switching from a 1.6 to 1.2 gpm pre-rinse valve in California can bring in water savings of around 17000 gallons/year and savings of about $300 per year when used 2 hrs a day!

An energy efficient Energy Star Steam Cooker can save you around $2000 (50% on energy usage, 90% water savings and reduce CO2 emissions by 12,500 lbs/yr)!

Use our easy to use ROI calculators to estimate your savings and calculate the payback period for various sustainability actions.
ROI Calculator
Schedule and Track your Maintenance history
Use the 500Gallons equipment maintenance dashboard to schedule and track maintenance of your equipment. Our system sends alerts to a designated person, service provider or vendor via SMS, email.

The main features offered through the maintenance dashboard are
  • Schedule alerts (SMS and email reminders) directly to your mobile or email inbox
  • Acknowledge completion of a task using SMS or email
  • List of standard, recommended equipment maintenance tasks
  • Ability for you to customize or create brand new tasks
Get the word out about your Green Actions
62 % of consumers polled stated that would prefer to dine at an environmentally-friendly restaurant if given the choice. (Source: National Restaurant Association, Restaurant.org)

We offer branding and marketing options to your restaurant to help amplify your green, eco-friendly efforts. Communicate your green choices, sustainability efforts and values through displays, website and social media like Facebook and twitter.

Customers appreciate your efforts at reducing your carbon footprint and the resulting positive environmental contribution. Improve your brand and increase awareness about your efforts to your customers.
Implement your Actions
Shop for eco-friendly products, energy star equipment etc from our shopping portal. Find service providers in your area who can help implement your sustainable actions.
Don’t miss a Great Opportunity
Get information on latest product/services rebate programs and energy efficiency incentives applicable to food-service equipments or
eco-friendly products that are used in restaurants. Restaurateurs can benefit tremendously by learning about commercial lighting incentive programs, Energy Star equipment rebates and other food services equipment rebates. All these can be accessed through the 500Gallons Website. You also benefit from the following information:
  • Commercial solar rebates.
  • Water conservation incentives.
  • Waste reduction programs.
  • Recycling and Reusing opportunities and government programs.
Add more Value to your Service
Restaurant Consultants can:
  • Setup and administer 500 Gallons account for their clients.
  • Use the site for research, customizing the results and informing your customers about the "green actions" that can help reduce their carbon footprints or add to overall operational savings.
  • Have access to the latest eco-friendly and energy efficient products and equipment in the marketplace which can help achieve sustainability goals for your clients.