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  • Free Online Service
    Free Online Service
  • Sustainable Solutions
    Sustainable Solutions
  • Increased Profitability
    Increased Profitability
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  • Support to Restaurant Sustainability Consultants
    Restaurant Consultants
We help make restaurants more profitable, efficient and sustainable

Our web application helps restaurants go green, realize huge savings, and promote sustainability in their local community. It allows them to market their sustainability efforts using social-media which increases customer engagement and contributes to profitability.

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One-stop solution to integrate sustainable practices in your operation

Our knowledge-base of specific actions for restaurants helps them save and become a more sustainable or green operation.

  • Choose from easy to implement no-cost actions, to finding more about organic or local food supply
  • Implement these actions at your own pace
  • Use tools such as ROI calculators to estimate returns on investment, payback time, or energy/water saved
Sustainable Solutions
Take immediate Actions to start saving and going Green
There are three ways how we help a restaurant’s profitability
  • Use our knowledge-base and tools to identify and implement actions that reduce cost, make you more sustainable
  • Improve your brand and customer loyalty by marketing your Green actions using our automatically generated Marketing Page
  • Manage maintenance schedules. Reduce the "slow bleed" of money due to poorly maintained equipments. Maintenance helps in lowering operating cost, reducing equipment down-time and, increases the life & re-sale value of equipments

Increased Profitability
Market your sustainability achievements using 500Gallons
Many restaurants have sustainable actions already incorporated in their operation but are not publicizing it. Consumers increasingly expect businesses to be more socially & environmentally responsible.

By using 500Gallons restaurants can publicize their sustainable actions on their door, website, Facebook page and Twitter stream. This helps improve their brand and customer loyalty. Restaurant customers can show their appreciation by using Facebook "likes" and tweets.
Market Yourself
Develop and manage sustainability initiatives for your clients
500Gallons helps restaurant sustainability consultants to setup and manage customized plans for their clients. They can provide further value to their clients by offering the ability to market their green actions and use the maintenance scheduler.
Restaurant Consultants